Michael Albano – NMLS 37634

Broker / Owner / MLO

About Michael Albano - NMLS# 37634

Welcome to Capital New York Home Advantage! I'm Michael Albano, a seasoned
professional with over two decades of experience in the mortgage industry.
As a licensed mortgage loan originator and the proud broker owner of
Capital New York Home Advantage, I have been serving the diverse needs of
borrowers throughout New York State since 2012.

A Journey of Expertise

My journey in the mortgage world began 20 years ago, and since then, I've
dedicated myself to providing top-tier customer service and expert
guidance to individuals and families seeking to buy their dream homes or
optimize their financial situations through refinancing. With a focus on
the Capital Region, our headquarters in Malta, nestled within the
picturesque Saratoga County, allows us to intimately understand the unique
dynamics of the local real estate landscape.

More Than Business

My passion for real estate doesn't just stop at the office. I've channeled
my enthusiasm into building, quite literally, as my wife and I embarked on
an adventure to construct our very own tiny cabin in Keene, NY. This
endeavor exemplifies my commitment to the world of real estate, as I've
ventured beyond the mortgage realm to immerse myself in the tangible art
of construction and design.

Balancing Act

While my professional life is dedicated to helping clients achieve their
homeownership dreams, I also find solace and inspiration in the great
outdoors. Winter mountain hiking in the Adirondacks feeds my soul,
allowing me to recharge and reconnect with nature's beauty. Additionally,
my appreciation for art and design provides a creative outlet that
complements my analytical expertise in the mortgage industry.

Thank you for considering Capital New York Home Advantage for your
mortgage needs. With my extensive experience, a passion for real estate,
and a dedication to exceptional customer service, I am here to guide you
through every step of your homeownership journey.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or if you're
ready to embark on your mortgage adventure. Let's make your dreams of
owning a home in New York a reality!